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Trenchless Repairs To Fix Antioch Underground Pipes With Minimal Digging

Replacing or repairing a sewer line doesn’t always mean that you need to dig up your yard and ruin your landscape. Our trenchless repairs are designed to be a quick and cost-effective way to repair or replace any clogged or damaged sewer or water lines on your Antioch property.

Whether your pipes are broken, clogged, punctured, or collapsed, the plumbers at In Demand Plumbing will be able to repair them without the need for excavation of any part of your property. Our trenchless water line replacement and repair methods are as effective as traditional methods, but they also have a number of advantages that traditional repairs won’t be able to offer.


In Demand Plumbing specializes in two main types of trenchless repairs – pipe bursting, and pipe relining:

Pipe relining is used to repair clogged or broken sewer lines. We begin this process by cleaning the clogs, then we inspect the pipes with our video inspection system, which allows us to find the precise problems with the pipes before the repairs begin. We mix and measure a liner, which we then pour into a faulty pipe to seal off any damaged areas, creating a structural repair that can last for up to 50 years. We make access through only one entry point, and the new lining can be run all the way to the city connection, even if it needs to go underneath a street, sidewalk, or driveway.

Trenchless Repair

Pipe bursting is used to completely replace the lines rather than repair them. As in the relining method, we’ll only need a small excavation area in order to access the pipes. We then burst the old pipes as the new pipe is installed. This method destroys the damaged water or sewer line and replaces it with a new, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe. We also offer traditional pipe repair and installation services alongside trenchless repairs.


  • Trenchless repairs are less invasive: Using our trenchless technology, we’ll be able to repair your water lines without any disturbance to your driveway, sidewalk, street, or landscaping. You’ll be able to avoid digging up your sidewalk, driveway, and road (all of which would need to be repaved), and you won’t need to shut down your street or get any special permits.
  • Save 50% or more: Our trenchless repairs will be up to 50% less expensive than repairs that require excavation. You’ll be able to have your Antioch home’s water or sewer lines thoroughly repaired without causing any damage or disruption to your property.
  • Trenchless repairs are twice as fast: Trenchless sewer repairs can typically be completed in around 2 days. We’ll have this job done before the first trench would have been dug for traditional repairs.

There’s only one plumber for Antioch that is qualified enough to perform these kinds of repairs, and it is In Demand Plumbing!

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