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Water Restoration in Antioch, CA

Water restoration

Replacement of a 40gal gas water heater in basement due to flooding a new 50 gal gas water will be installed.

A sump pump will be installed in sump Pit to prevent future floods the discharge pipe will be surface mounted threw the utility closet the crawl space and out threw a vent away from the house preventing further floods.

All affected drywall shown in pictures has to be removed up to two feet due to the water damage including the bedroom door and utility door. The laminate flooring in the bedroom basement has to be removed in order to dry out. All affected areas will be treated and dried as many days needed roughly 5days in order to prevent mold growth and safe for put back. Drying equipment will be on site in the basement as needed to dry the structure. In Demand Plumbing is not responsible for any put back of structure damaged by flood or that gets removed.


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