Plumbing Projects

New Shower Valve And Copper Lines Installation In Antioch, CA

Provided and installed a new chrome Moen shower valve with a remodel plate. Homeowner had galvanized piping. Our technician cut a portion of the galvanized pipe and installed copper lines. If you have an older home with galvanized plumbing and are looking to upgrade. Give In Demand Plumbing a call! Services: Plumbing Services Location: Antioch, CA

Whole Home Water Treatment System Installation In Brentwood, CA

The Halo Whole-Home Water Treatment System delivers clean drinking water to the entire home and that truly is the benefit of the system. Throw out the water bottles and reverse osmosis. Save money and storage under your kitchen sink with having a Halo installed. Most of our Halo installations have been found in the city […]

Water Restoration In Antioch, CA

Replacement of a 40gal gas water heater in basement due to flooding a new 50 gal gas water will be installed. A sump pump will be installed in sump Pit to prevent future floods the discharge pipe will be surface mounted threw the utility closet the crawl space and out threw a vent away from […]

Water Heater Replacement In Antioch, CA

Provided and installed a new 50 gallon water heater located in the garage. Installed new, Water flex lines, Gas dirt leg, Gas flex line, Pan, Water shut off valve, and Earthquake straps. Modify the T&P, and vent. Tested, purge the water lines and hauled away all the debris. Our water heaters come with a manufactures […]

Waste Overflow Replacement For Bathtub In Antioch, CA

Our technicians replaced the waste/overflow for only bathtub with new waste/overflow with chain and plug vintage drain style. Also replaced the ptrap, and section to sewer tie in. Replace remaining section of original galvanized/cast iron drain for lavatory sink and tie into existing drain in crawl space. Opened sheetrock under sink for repair. This will […]

Sewer Spot Repair Under Concrete In Brentwood, CA

A spot repair was performed on a major offset out front of the property underneath concrete slap. we cut a 2’ft wide by 5’ft long section of concrete then jackhammered in order to access the dirt and exposed the existing pipe. Once exposed, we cut out partial of the ABS pipe as well as partial […]

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