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Rated 5 out of 201 reviews Yelp - A+ accredition by BBB - Google Plumbing Reviews

Plumbing Inspection And Maintenance Tips

Plumbing inspection maintenance tips

Homeowners know that regular maintenance and inspection of their homes and property can be key to stopping small problems from becoming big problems. However, even the most diligent homeowner may not know exactly how to check if their plumbing is in good, working order. Hidden leaks can grow over time, causing water damage that can lead to mold or structural damage to your home. Repairs for major water damage are costly and inconvenient, so it is always best to know what signs to look for that may indicate you have a plumbing issue in your home. Routine inspections of your pipes, faucets, and drains, can help you catch small plumbing problems before they become much larger problems.

Inspecting For Hidden Problems

To inspect your property, start by testing all the faucets in your home. If you turn them on and the water pressure seems unusually low, you may have an hidden leak somewhere in your home. Your water should be coming in a steady stream, and anything less than that may indicate a problem. While you are running your faucets, make sure to observe the drains as well. The water should be flowing into the drain without pooling. If your drain appears to be backing up, you may have a clog forming. If you suspect that your Brentwood home has a clog forming, contact the experts at In Demand Plumbing to have it cleared.

Next, inspect all the exposed pipes in your home, particularly ones that are hidden under sinks or behind the toilet. Look closely for any signs of moisture. A puddle may be an obvious sign, but some leaks are so small at first that the only clue will be dampness. While you are checking the area for moisture, don’t forget to inspect the pipes for any sign of corrosion, especially around the joints. Damp metal corrodes faster than dry metal, so corroded joints could indicate water damage. Leaks can mean major trouble for your household. In addition to the potential for water damage and mold, leaks can add hundreds of additional gallons of usage to your water bill every month. If you suspect that your pipes show signs of a slow leak, contact a professional Brentwood plumber to assess and repair the problem before it grows.

Last, if you are able to read your own water meter, you may be able to determine if there are any undetected leaks in your home. Simply read the meter when you know the house will be unoccupied for a few hours. When you return, read it again. If nobody has been home to use any water, then the reading should not have changed at all. If it has, that may mean water is flowing out through am undetected leak in your pipes. If you show signs of usage on your water meter when no water has been used, you may want to have a professional Brentwood plumber assess the problem as soon as possible.

Preventing Plumbing Dysfunction

In addition to regularly inspecting your Brentwood property for any signs of plumbing trouble, there are steps you can take to help keep unwanted problems at bay. After all, there is an old adage that say “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. One preventative measure is to be sure to avoid pouring oil or grease into your sinks, because it can solidify in your pipes, creating a serious clog. Another idea to consider is adding a mesh guard to your sinks, to keep food, hair, and other unwanted material from clogging the pipes in your home. You can even add a lint trap to the end of your washing machine discharge hose to prevent lint from clogging your drains. Finally, experts recommend hiring a professional to complete your annual water heater maintenance, which can go a long way towards helping prevent plumbing problems in your home. The licensed plumbers at In Demand plumbing do offer water heater maintenance services as well, to help you keep your household water needs met.

Professional inspections from the Brentwood plumbers at In Demand Plumbing can more thoroughly check your home for signs of leaks, clogs, water pressure problems, and other signs of plumbing dysfunction. Call the plumbing experts at In Demand Plumbing today for your plumbing inspection, maintenance, and plumbing repair needs!


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