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In Demand Plumbing is a locally owned and operated plumber in Pittsburg. We take great pride in serving our community with top-quality customer service and plumbing industry experience. We understand that when an emergency happens, you need an experienced professional plumber that is focused on getting to the root of your problems. Our Pittsburg plumbing experts have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. In Demand Plumbing is the plumber you should call for the best service.


Many people across the U.S.A. are now replacing their old water heaters with tankless models because of the many advantages they offer. Tankless water heaters are more energy efficient and they heat the water quickly so that you have hot water on call at all times. These are also very compact when compared with a storage type heater so they can fit quite unobtrusively into the smallest of your bathrooms. If you have decided to enjoy the cost savings and convenience offered by tankless heaters by buying one for your home, here are a few points that will help you understand the installation process.

Before you call in plumbers for your tankless water heater in Pittsburg, it helps if you have a fair idea of where you want it positioned. Because of the compact size of this heater you have a lot of flexibility in positioning it so that it is well out of the way. In fact, you can have it installed inside the bathroom, outside, or even outdoors. But there is one important point to remember here. If the heater is too far away from your fixtures and faucets, the heated water will have to travel through a length of piping before it reaches the faucet. On the way, it is bound to lose some of its heat. This means that the heater is working harder to heat water to the temperature you desire. In effect, you end up paying more for the same heating. If you will need very hot water or will be using hot water very frequently, consider getting your Pittsburg tankless water heater installation done as close to the fixtures as possible. If this is impossible for some reason then ask your plumber if he can install re-circulating pumps that will make the heating process more efficient and speed up hot water delivery.

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At In Demand Plumbing, our number one goal is to keep you from worrying. When you are faced with the hassle of plumbing repairs, drain cleaning, hydro jetting, or water heater repair, remember that it takes only a phone call to In Demand Plumbing to have your problems solved. We do our best to provide our customers with the excellent service that they deserve. From water heater installation and repair to re-piping and drain cleaning, we offer our clients quality plumbing work and fair pricing. With our expert Pittsburg plumbers to meet any expectations, we hope to satisfy all of your plumbing needs.



The trees around your property are very efficient at doing what they naturally do best – seeking out and taping into moisture. Roots grow into your sewer line through the joints in between pipes seeking the plentiful moisture. As time goes on these roots grow, weakening the structure of the sewer pipe and eventually leading to a catastrophic failure.

In Demand Plumbing can come out and inspect this line by using a camera to inspect and detect what is in the line. Sometimes a replacement is necessary in the line but at times we have been able to hydro jet the line when it comes to roots as well.

Hydrojetting is one way our In Demand Plumbing experts can clear many of the roots in your sewer line. Maintaining your sewer line is crucial especially when mother nature is playing a role with roots they can intrude into your line and eventually cause a full replacement in your line.


Many homes in Pittsburg CA recently have requested for a repipe done. Since repiping your home is a big investment, you want to make sure you really need the service.

The best way to know whether your pipes should be replaced is to have a trusted plumber visit your home and perform a camera inspection. The inspection allows the plumber to easily assess the condition of your home’s pipes.

The following situations also indicate that it may be time to repipe your home:

Your home is 30+ years old. Most pipes should be replaced at around 30–50 years of age in most areas.

Your pipes are corroded: If your home’s pipes are corroded enough that they cannot be patched or repaired easily, then the only thing to do is to have them replaced.

Your pipes have significant buildup: Over time, pipes get clogged with rust or mineral buildup. If most of your home’s pipes are severely clogged and they’re older, it may be time to replace the pipes.

I had a couple of bad values (including water pressure valve), & corroded piping on the exterior. On demand was very responsive, easy to set up scheduling, & prompt to start the job. The technician was both courteous & professional & took time to explain the process for repair, pricing, & offer suggestions. I was very happy with the completed work & value. I would not only recommend them, but plan to utilize their service for a future water filtration unit. Great job IDP!!
Jon D. Pittsburg, CA

Showed up quick and ready. It was definitely a mystery to me why there was a leak on the bottom of the wall but after a little they were able to figure it out! The wall had a tube that was rubbing against a nail that wore through and caused a hole! They replaced the tube and fixed the issue! Good service and honest! Used them a couple of times now and always happy with the service that I’m given!
Lorena T. Pittsburg, CA


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