Plunger Guide: Master the Essential Tool for Every Home | In Demand Plumbing

Plunger Guide: Master the Essential Tool for Every Home | In Demand Plumbing

Plunger a toilet

Master the Plunger: Essential Tool for Every Home

Dealing with clogs is an inevitable part of home maintenance. Whether it’s in your toilet, sink, or drain, knowing how to effectively use a plunger is essential. This article will guide you through the types of plungers and tips for using them correctly.

Understanding Different Types of Plungers

Many homeowners are unaware that different types of plungers are designed for specific tasks. Mainly, there are two types you should have at home:

  • Cup Plunger: Typically recognized by its classic wooden handle and rubber cup, this plunger is perfect for flat surfaces. Use it to unclog sinks, tubs, and showers.
  • Flange Plunger: This plunger comes with an extended rubber flap below the cup. It is specially designed to fit into the curved toilet drain, making it ideal for addressing toilet clogs.

Effective Techniques for Using a Plunger

Using a plunger may seem straightforward, but effective technique can significantly increase its efficiency in resolving clogs:

For Sinks and Tubs

  1. Ensure the cup plunger covers the entire drain opening and is submerged in water to create a seal.
  2. Use vigorous and deliberate plunges to create pressure without breaking the seal.
  3. After several pushes and pulls, quickly lift the plunger to see if the water drains smoothly. Repeat if necessary.

For Toilets

  1. Insert the flange plunger so that the flange fits snugly into the drain.
  2. Pump the plunger with strong downward pressure while maintaining a good seal.
  3. After a few plunges, pull back sharply to disturb the clog. Repeat until flushing is normal.

Got a plunger?

Maintenance and Care for Your Plungers

After each use, properly cleaning and storing your plungers extends their efficiency and lifespan. Rinse them in hot water, sanitize with a diluted bleach solution, and store them in a dry area to prevent mold.

When to Call a Professional

While plungers are effective for minor clogs, persistent or recurrent issues may indicate more severe problems. In such cases, it’s advisable to consult with professionals at In Demand Plumbing. They can help diagnose and resolve deep-rooted plumbing issues.


Mastering the use of different plungers can save you time and hassle in dealing with common household clogs. Remember, the right tool and technique make all the difference!

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