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If Your Plumbing is Louder Than Your Kids…

To diagnose noisy plumbing in your Antioch home, it is important to determine first whether the unwanted sounds occur on the system’s inlet side-in other words, when water is turned on-or on the drain side. Noises on the inlet side of plumbing have varied causes: excessive water pressure, worn valve and faucet parts, improperly connected […]

What Do You Do With a Broken Dip Tube?

Curved Dip Tubes The curved dip tube was invented to help keep sediment under control. The bottom end of the tube is curved to allow a swirling motion around the bottom of  your  water heater. New sediment cannot form because it is always in motion in swirling water. You may always add a curved dip […]

Now HOW Do I Get To My Plumbing?

Designing your East Bay bathroom can be a fun enterprise. People have so much fun putting the major pieces together that they often forget about the little things. These can fall by the wayside and make a bathroom really difficult to enjoy once it’s done. Whatever you do, you need to make sure that you […]

No Claptrap – Just the Straight Rap on Plumbing Traps

What is a Trap? Draining sewage and waste out of your Brentwood home or office can get smelly. That’s because fumes from gases like methane, nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide and carbon monoxide are a by-product of wastes. The job of a plumbing trap is to keep these gases (and their odors), and also small vermin, from […]

Disposals: Continuous or Batch-Feed?

While a garbage disposal may not be the star fixture in your East Bay kitchen, such as a large, stainless steel refrigerator, it just might be its unsung hero. Disposals provide a great deal of convenience when cleaning up after a meal, and if you have ever cleaned up in a kitchen that doesn’t have […]

Pick the Perfect Plumber in East Bay

Finding a good plumber to help with your renovations or new construction or to perform plumbing repairs isn’t just about finding the best price available in East Bay. In fact, there are many different things that one should consider before taking on any plumbing contractor, but by sticking to a few tips and using common sense, […]

A Convincing Case For Copper

If you are like the majority of Concord homeowners, then you probably do not give a second thought to your plumbing.  At least not until something goes terribly wrong.  Conscientious homeowners should realize that there are warning signs that indicate possible plumbing problems.  If your water tastes strange, does not have enough pressure or the […]

Lights! Cameras! Action! in East Bay

Not all plumbers are old-school. Ask if a plumbing camera can help make your pipes’ problem easier to fix. Today’s plumbers have a lot more in their arsenal than a standard plumbing snake and a couple of wrenches. Utilizing high-tech tools like plumbing cameras, your East Bay plumber can turn to cutting-edge technology when they’re working […]

Don’t Sweat Sweaty Pipes

Do you have puddles of water on your basement floor due to sweating pipes? If you are inconvenienced (to say the least) by this situation, take heart because you are not alone with this problem. Sweating pipes in the basement is a very common predicament experienced by most Brentwood homeowners. The truth is, pipe sweating […]

Is Your Sillcock Leaking?

A frost free leaky outdoor faucet, (also known as a sillcock or spigot) is not just annoying; it can cost you a small fortune in water bills if left unchecked. In addition, a leaky outdoor faucet can also cause damage to your Antioch home and yard. Fortunately, for even a novice do-it-yourselfer, a leaky outdoor […]

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