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Professional Drain Cleaning Are Better than Store Bought Cleaners


At some point in time, every homeowner has to deal with a clogged drain. In order for your plumbing fixtures and appliances to operate effectively, it is important for you water to flow freely through your drains. A clogged drain in a bathroom sink, tub, or toilet can make the living space totally unusable. A clogged drain in the kitchen sink can make cooking and cleaning unbearable.

Instead of tolerating this inconvenience, you should hire a professionally licensed plumber for help. At In Demand Plumbing, our Brentwood plumbing contractors specialize in drain cleaning services. With our assistance your plumbing fixtures and appliances will once again operate at peak performance.

Unfortunately, in the name of convenience, many Brentwood homeowners turn to store bought drain cleaners when they are suffering from clogged drains. Here are a few reasons why you should always trust a professional. You are guaranteed to be completely satisfied with the results of our drain cleaning services.

Professional Drain Cleaning Completely Resolves the Problem

At In Demand Plumbing, our Brentwood plumbers are completely dedicated to providing the highest quality services possible. In the context of clogged drains, this means that we will completely clear the obstruction that is causing your slow or stopped drain. After our services, you will not need to worry about the drain clogging again shortly in the future.

In contrast, store bought drain cleaners are notoriously ineffective. They function by using caustic and corrosive chemicals to dissolve the drain clog. In most instances, the chemicals will eat away a portion of the clog then swiftly move past the remaining obstruction. As such, your drains will remain slow and will be susceptible to clogging again within a short time frame.

Professional Drain Cleaning Protects Your Plumbing System

As stated earlier, store bought drain cleaners use highly corrosive chemicals, specifically acids, lye, and potash. Although they are advertised as being safe for you plumbing system, over time and after repeated usage, these caustic chemicals can damage your plumbing system. As such, for the sake of convenience, you can be causing yourself a great deal of trouble in the long term.

Again, at In Demand Plumbing, our Brentwood plumbers are focused on providing each of our customers with the highest quality services possible. Therefore, when you hire us to clean your drains, we will do everything within our power to protect your plumbing system. You can rest assured knowing that we will completely resolve the problem in the safest possible manner.

If you need to hire a professionally licensed plumber in Brentwood, call In Demand Plumbing today at 925-470-0142, or fill out our online request form.

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