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Common Plumbing Sounds and When to Schedule a Repair

You may push plumbing maintenance out of your mind until you begin hearing sounds emanating from your pipes. Antioch plumbers know the importance of regular plumbing maintenance, and they urge homeowners to schedule plumbing repairs before more problems arise that create greater financial burdens on homeowners. Rumbling Plumbers associate rumbling sounds with water heater complications. […]

3 Common Spring Plumbing Issues & How To Avoid Them

Now that spring has finally arrived, many homeowners are choosing to get outside and tackle that long list of outdoor projects that have been on hold over the course of the winter. Even tho the milder weather and temperatures make this time of year ideal for tackling those outdoor improvements, it is important that you […]

Plumbing Inspection and Maintenance Tips

Homeowners know that regular maintenance and inspection of their homes and property can be key to stopping small problems from becoming big problems. However, even the most diligent homeowner may not know exactly how to check if their plumbing is in good, working order. Hidden leaks can grow over time, causing water damage that can […]

Why You Should Repair Leaks As Soon As Possible

Leaks in your pluming or plumbing fixtures can be easy to ignore. As a homeowner, you have plenty on your plate at any given time, and when problems aren’t pressing and don’t need immediate attention, it’s easy to let them go untreated until they start to cause major problems for your home. However, even if […]

Get Your Brentwood Plumbing System Running Smoothly

Two of the usual reasons homeowners decide to remodel their bathrooms are to upgrade the fixtures and to fix leaks due to plumbing problems. If you’re dealing with both, you can enlist the service of a full service Brentwood plumbing contractor to complete your remodeling project and improve the plumbing systems. A good contractor will be […]

Do Tall Toilets Measure Up?

When the ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act, required the manufacture of what many call tall toilets or raised or elevated toilets, a cheer went up from groups everywhere. From those who are disabled or wheelchair bound, to those who are elderly and finally to those people who are just extremely tall, these models have made life better for several […]

Be One Step Ahead of Your East Bay Home Inspector

Here’s a checklist that you can use to do your own pre-inspection on your plumbing. There’s no reason not to check your East Bay home out yourself before you hire a certified home inspector. This way you can compare notes and ask questions. He will give you a thorough report on the home’s condition. Between what you found […]

Damage Control BEFORE Your Brentwood Plumber Arrives

Have you called in for your Brentwood plumber to come fix a water-related plumbing emergency at your home? Plumbing is a field that is best left to the experts since it requires specialized knowledge and equipment. However, there are quite a few things that you could do in order to reduce the damage before the experts arrive. 1. Cut off […]

Your Plumbing Needs to Vent Too!

Plumbing Vents in Brentwood A plumbing vent is basically a special pipe (or network of pipes) that leads from an appliance located inside your Brentwood home to the outside of your home. Although not always, many of these will lead to the roof. Also, many vent pipes are comprised of more than one pipe. So what purpose does […]

Fixing an Aerator: So Simple Even a … Well – You Know…

A kitchen faucet aerator helps reduce the water flow thus conserving water. Most plumbing fixtures come equipped with this useful device so most likely yours do too. Aside from conserving water, this device also keeps the water coming out of the spout from splashing all over. As time passes, this part of the fixture gets clogged due to water pressure […]

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